(a) Validly married to the deceased according to the laws of Uganda; or
(b) Married to the deceased in another country by a marriage recognized as valid by
any foreign law under which the marriage was celebrated;
‘Illegitimate child’ mean an illegitimate child recognized or accepted by the deceased
as a child of his own;
‘Immovable property’ includes land, incorporeal tenements and things attached to the
earth or permanently fastened to things attached to the earth;
‘Legal heir’ means the living relative nearest in degree to an intestate under the
provisions set out in part III to this Act together with and as varied by the following
(a) Between kindred of the same degree a lineal descendant shall be preferred to a
lineal ancestor and a lineal ancestor shall be preferred to a collateral relative and a
paternal ancestor shall be preferred to a maternal ancestor;
(b) Where there is equality under the foregoing paragraph, a male shall be preferred
to a female
(c) Where there is equality under the foregoing paragraph, the elder shall be preferred
to the younger;
(d) If no legal heir is existing and reasonably ascertainable under the foregoing
paragraphs the husband or the senior wife of the intestate, as the case may be,
shall be the legal heir;
‘Minor’ means any person who has not attained the age of twenty-one years and
‘minority’ means the status of such person;
‘Movable property’ means property of every description except ‘immovable
‘Parent’ includes a stepparent and an adoptive parent;
‘Personal representative’ means the person appointed by law to administer the estate
or any part thereof of a deceased person;
‘Probate’ means the grant by a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing the
executor named in testator’s last will to administer the testator’s estate;
‘Residential holding’ has the meaning assigned to it by section 27 of this Act;
‘Senior wife’, in the case of a polygamous marriage, means the wife who was married
first in time to the deceased intestate;
‘Son’ includes a stepson, an illegitimate son and a son adopted in a manner
recognized as lawful by the law of Uganda;

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