A Decree To Amend The Succession Act To Provide For Succession To The Estates
Of Persons Dying Intestate, Restriction On Disposal Of Property By Will And For
Certain Other Matters Connected Therewith.
1. The Succession Act is hereby amended,
(a) By submitting for section 3 thereof, the following,
2. (1) In this Act unless the context other wise requires,
‘Administrator’ means a person appointed by a court to administer the estate of a
deceased person when there is no executor;
‘Child’, ‘children’, ‘issue’ and ‘lineal descendant’ include legitimate, illegitimate and
adopted children;
‘Codicil’ means an instrument explaining, altering or adding to a will and which is
considered as being part of the will;
‘Court’ means the High Court or a magistrates’ court other than a magistrates’ court
presided over by a magistrate grade II;
‘Customary heir’ means the person recognized by the rites and customs of the tribe or
community of a deceased person as being the customary heir of that person;
‘Daughter’ includes a stepdaughter, an illegitimate daughter and a daughter adopted
in any manner-recognized ad lawful by the law of Uganda;
‘Dependent relative’ includes,
(a) A wife, a husband, a son or daughter under eighteen years of age or a son or
daughter of or above eighteen years of age who is wholly or substantially
dependent on the deceased;
(b) A parent, a brother or sister, a grandparent or grandchild who, on the date of the
deceased’s death, was wholly or substantially dependant on the deceased for the
provision of the ordinary necessities of life suitable to a person of his station;
‘Executor’ means a person appointed in the last will of a deceased person to execute
the terms of the will;
‘Grandchild’ means a son or daughter of a son or daughter;
‘Grandparent’ means a parent of a parent;
‘Husband’ means a person, who, at the time of the intestate’s death was,

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