Mamoudou TlMBO)
Kassoun KONE), all Advisors at the said Court,
Aboubacrine CISSE)
Seydou GUINOO)
Aldiouma GUINDO)
Mohamedine Ousmane), all accessors of the same Court
In the presence of Mr Mohamed Maouloud NAJIM,
Advocate General at the Appeal Court of Mopti,
With the assistance of Maitre Mohamed AG ALHASSANE,
And the assistance of Mr Seydou MAIGA, ad hoc interpreter, sworn beforehand in
accordance with the law;

Delivered the judgment which reads as follows:

Having regard to Judgment No.19 of the Indictment Division of the Court of Appeal of
Mopti on the 24th of March 2015 which referred, to appear before the Assizes Court of
Mopti, the following accused persons:
1) Mamadou M. Traoré: Born around 1980 in Bamako, son of Moussa and Coumba
Traoré, Member of the vigilante movement called “Front de Libération Nationale
(FLN)”, with domicile in the home of Aissata Kelly, Teacher resident in San at the home
of her father Abdoulaye Kelly

2) Ibrahim Idissa Maiga : Born on 03/04/1994 in San, son of Idrissa Aliou and Ina
Kelly, member of the vigilante movement called “Front de Libération Nationale
(FLN)” residing with his aunt Aissata Kelly, Teacher domiciled in San-Médine at the

home of the deceased Abdoulaye Kelly;

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