The National Supreme Court
Central State & Gadarif Circuit
Mr. / Musa Alneel Al Mukashfi


Mr. / Mohammed Altiriffi Mohammed


Mr. / Hakeem Altayeb


No.: /#/#/ 214/2014
Amna Mohammed Hassan & others
The 1st. Criminal Court has convicted the First, Second and Third Accused under No.: 143 of the
Penal Code of the year 1991 and imposed a fine on each convicted accused equal to SP 500,
failing which, each of them will be sentenced to imprisonment for one month as of 05/02/2014.
The Court has acquitted the Fourth and Fifth accused of the charges attributed to them under
SS 143, 180 of the Penal Code of the year 1991 and issued its order to discharge them.
The Court of Appeal- Gezira State upheld the decision issued by the Trial Court, as per its
memorandum under No.: (###/119/2014).
Complainant raised objection by way of cassation challenging the judgment issued by the Court
of Appeal. The objection meets the requirements to be admitted in form.
The reasons of the objection are summed up in:

Complainant has sufficient evidence that he lost an amount of SP 5000, during the fight
when the accused have assaulted him.
The Trial Court did not reserve the right under section 139 Penal.
The Trial Court did not give him the chance to bring the bills of the medical treatment.

Regarding the subject, and after perusing the papers, I believe that, the Court of Appeal was
substantiated, based on the following:-

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