Accordingly, the appellant requested to cancel the decisions of the
lower courts and return the papers to the court of execution to hear the
evidence on the execution dispute.
The causes:
The Appeal petition does not deny that there is a lawsuit of obedience
in the number referred to. The appeal has been set up by the appellant
against the contestants, but we do not agree with the statement made
by the appellant to the contestants that the courts were unable to
adjudicate the obedience case. The contestants filed the relevant
claims against the other party's claim for divorce for damage, and then
the divorce of the dispute.
We do not see this as a violation of the law, in more subtle terms. The
appellant must continue his lawsuit against the contestants, and there
is no other way than that, other than the insistence of the appellant to
transfer the cases to the referred number. The investigation of the
execution file is not legally supported, and it is not a dispute for
execution, as it was named according to the terms of the appeal,
therefore, we do not need to request the papers because the appeal
petition included all the facts and submitted them. However, it is the
court of execution of the applications contained therein, and referred
to in advance, and after the agreement of colleagues we decide to
abolish the petition.
Signature of :
Sittna Abd Algaleel Muhammad
Seal of :
The president of supreme court
Signature of :
Fadia Ahmed And algadir
Seal of:

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