National Supreme Court
Criminal Circle

Repeal Decision 465/2015
Issued by the Supreme Court of the Personal Status Department, a
second department 28/6/2015, headed by Mr. Altayb Abd Algafoor
Abd Alwahab, Membership of Ms.D Sittna Abd Algaleel, and
Membership of Fadia Ahmed Abd algadir the presidents of supreme
Appeal papers filed No.225/S/2015 Appeal court Umdurman D A S/
and papers of lawsuit 265/G/2015 court/ middle Umdurman.
Restricted under 267/Appeal decision/2015.
Babikir Ali Abbas
Tasneem Alniwayry


The Judgement
Appeal petition filed by the lawyer Sheikh aldeen Alnwaim on behalf
of Babikir Ali Abbas /against/ judgementNo. A S SH /21/2015
Umdurman Aappeal court, that judged by abolishing appeal request
The contestant received the image of the contested judgment on
5/6/2015 and the contestant filed his appeal 16/6/2015, accordingly;
the appeal is acceptable formally under159/190 of Civil Proceedings
Code1983. In terms of the appeal, it came as following:
Obituary to the decision of the Court of Appeal.
2/Violation of the law as it supports the lower courts, where violated
article75 of personal status code 1991 and article235 of Civil
Proceedings1983, In face of the article217 of proceedings 2009. The
appeal added that the appellant had not issued a judgement proving
that the appellee had been raped, as the courts were unable to separate
for the appellee of suit of the obedience that from appellant against
the appellee No. 227/2013, legitimate court of Karary. The contestants
against her has stopped the divorce claims for damage and discord.

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