Appearing in person and assisted by the law firm SANKARA
Stanislas, represented by Me YAMBA, Lawyers at the Court;
During the appeal, the State Counsel of Faso stated that he had
summoned the aforementioned accused to appear before the
Juvenile Court Judge at today's hearing to defend themselves on
account of the above-mentioned prejudice,
Then, the Court Registrar read out the documents in the case;
The Court Registrar also recorded the responses of the accused;
The Legal department summarized the case and requested the
application of the law against the accused;
The accused and their counsel made their arguments to defend
themselves, and the court ruled as follows:
Having heard the answers of the accused;
Having heard the victim's filing of civil claims and complaints;
Having heard the oral submissions of the Legal department;
Having heard the pleadings of the accused;
Having heard the arguments made by the accused to defend
After having deliberated in accordance with the law;
On June 10, 20 ..., S. B. lodged a complaint to the I. district
police station against C. P. and C. A. for sexual assault.
To back up this complaint, she explained that on 9 June 20.., as
she was returning from the farm, she was called by the abovementioned persons who wanted to buy her some wild grapes
which she had brought back from the bush. Upon reaching their
level, C.A. helped himself and then invited C.P. to do the same.
Without saying a word to her, C.A then began to drag her by
force to his compound. As she put up fierce resistance, C.P came
to the rescue of C.A. She was dragged on the floor into C.A C.P's
room. C.P closed her mouth to muffle her screams while C.A
got rid of her skirt and pants. At this point, C.P had sex with her
and then gave way to C.A who did the same.
When questioned, C.A admitted having actually helped his
friend C.P to forcibly have sex with Ms SB but did not admit
having personally committed the same acts against her. He

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