Having regard to the documents of the procedure RP 299/2019;
Hearing the requests of the Public Prosecutor's Office;
And after having deliberated in accordance with the law;

Given that following a summons issued by the public prosecutor on April 30, 2019, AMANI
Kouassi Bernard, 33 years old and KOUADIO Kouamé Marc nicknamed Gabon, 28 years
old, were brought before this criminal court sitting today charged with having in Assakro, in
the judicial district of Abengourou, on February 21, 2019, in any case since time such as
the facts are not covered by the statute of limitations, willfully beaten or injured Mss MIA
Affoua Nadège; the assault entailed for the victim a total incapacity for personal work for
more than ten (10) days;

Facts provided for and punished by articles 345-3 ° and 4 and 348 of the penal code;

Considering that it emerges from the file of the procedure that on March 6, 2019, the Public
Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance of Abengourou instructed the post brigade of
Aniassué to investigate the complaint of Miss MIA Affoua Nadège for acts of assault and
battery against the named AMANI Kouassi Bernard and KOUADIO Kouamé Marc
nicknamed Gabon;

Considering that in execution of this measure, the judicial police officers heard the
complainant who explained that, coming to the rescue of her younger sister who was
molested by the two (02) accused, she was attacked by them- this; She added that during
this attack, KOUADIO Kouamé Marc nicknamed Gabon had hit her with a head, removing
two (02) incisors from her; She ended by saying that she also had a swollen right eye;

Considering that arrested on the facts of deliberate assault and battery against her,
KOUADIO Kouamé Marc nicknamed Gabon denied them by exposing that he had only
intervened to put an end to the fight between the complainant and AMANI Kouassi Bernard
and that he had not taken part in the brawl;

Considering in turn, that AMANI Kouassi Bernard stated that he had been beaten by Miss
MIA Affoua Nadège and her partner after they had insulted him; That he wanted to clarify

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