Having regard to the documents of the procedure RP 272/2019;
Hearing the requests of the Public prosecutor;
And after having deliberated in accordance with the law;
Considering that following a summons to the initiative of the Public Prosecutor dated April 12, 2019,
AYEMOU Ayémou Paul, 41 years old, was brought before this criminal court charged of having in
Abengourou, April 28, 2018 , in any case since time such as the facts are not covered by the statute of
limitations, committed violence and assault on the person of KOFFI Sandrine Andromaque; of the violence
and assault committed, the victim did not suffer from any illness or total incapacity for personal work for
more than 10 days;
Facts provided for and punished by articles 345-4 ° and 348 of the penal code;
Considering that it emerges from the record of the proceedings that on November 16, 2018, April 24
2018, Madam the Prosecutor of the Republic at the Court of First Instance of Abengourou seized the
police commissioner of the 2nd arrondissement of the same city of a be-forwarded following the letter
of complaint from Madam KOFFI Sandrine Andromaque against AYEMOU Ayémou Paul;
Considering that in support of her complaint, Mrs. KOFFI Sandrine Andromaque explained that, wishing
to go to the husband's birthday party to one of her friends, she requested the consent of her husband;
what she didn't get;
That despite this refusal, she persisted in leaving when she realized that her spouse followed her; That
wanting to avoid scandal, she noted, she was going home before appointing Mr. YATTE N’din to change
her husband’s position;
That she went on to say that having noticed that the latter had entered their home, she took the
opportunity to slip away before being caught in the street by the respondent who was armed with a
machete who, while shouting insults, threatening to attack her friends;
That she indicated that her life was saved only thanks to the intervention of goodwill people and her
That she pointed out that her husband had even gone to her friend's home to make a scandal there;
That she ended by saying that the arguments with the respondent were almost daily but that this time,
she had been obliged to bring the facts to the knowledge of the judicial and police authorities because of
the threat to her life, those of her children and also those of her friends because of the rudimentary
weapons that her husband had seized;
Considering that making his testimony, Mr. YATTE N'din argued that furious that the complainant had not
complied with his ban on going to the birthday party, the respondent grabbed a machete in hammering
that he would take it out to the destabilizers of his couple; That he indicated that having managed to calm
him down, he spent the rest of the day with him; He ended by saying that to his knowledge, AYEMOU
Ayémou Paul never threatened his wife with a stabbing weapon;
Also heard as a witness, Mrs. TIENDE Joëlle Zita affirmed that the complainant had reached her by
telephone to inform her that the respondent was chasing her in the street holding a machete; She added
that although she attended the birthday ceremony, she refused to go home because she worried about
her life so much that she convinced her to spend the night with her; That against all expectations, she

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