2 The High Court of Pikine-Guediawaye, ruling in said cause, rendered on 12/11/2019 a judgment with the following operative part; “Ruling publicly, after trial, in correctional matters and in first instance; In the form Declares admissible the public action; On Merits Re-characterizes the acts of attempted rape on minors under 13 initially brought against the defendants, in indecent assault without violence; Declares them guilty of it as well as of the surplus; Sentences them to a sentence of two (02) years of imprisonment each after concurrent sentencing in application of articles 320, 320 bis, 348 and 433 of the Criminal Code; Declares admissible the action of the civil parties; Sentences xxx to pay the sums of 3,000,000 francs to xxx, 3,000,000 francs to xxx, 3,000,000 francs to xxx and 3,000,000 francs to Fatoumata. Sentences xxx to pay the sum of 3,000,000 Francs as damages; Orders the provisional execution; The accused pays the costs; Set the maximum imprisonment term for failure to pay the reparations; The Defendants and the Public Prosecutor have appealed against the above-mentioned judgment following acts at the registry dated 21 and 29/11/2019; As a result of these appeals and at the request of the Attorney General to the Court, the defendants received a notice dated 31/01/2020 and the civil parties were summoned to appear before the aforementioned Court of Appeal at the hearing on 02/04/2020 to witness the ruling on the merits of the aforementioned appeals. The case on this summons was entered on the Court's roll at the said hearing, and called in turn, it was successively postponed until 22.09.2020, date on which it was usefully retained and pleaded; Madam counselor xxx reported on the case; The Public Ministry was heard in his submissions; Thereupon, the Court closed the pleadings and postponed the case for judgment on 08/12/2020; On that date, the court extended the deliberation to 22.12.2020; In the hearing of that day, the Court, after deliberation, ruled as follows: THE COURT Considering the judgment of the High Court of Pikine-Guediawaye dated 12/1 1/20 19. Considering the appeals lodged against the judgment by the defendants and the public prosecutor according to acts filed at the registry dated 21 and 29/11/2019;

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