Following this hearing, the Court, concluding its deliberation in accordance
with the law, ruled as follows:
Whereas according to the interrogation minutes of the flagrante delicto matter of
March 09, 2018, Mr…. was brought before this jurisdiction, upon accusation of
having in Thiaroye, during the year 2018, through the use of threats or violence,
committed acts of sexual penetration on the person of … and …, in the
circumstance that he was their adoptive father and that…- was below the age of
13 years; for having committed acts of pedophilia on them, also trying to rape
Offences provided for and punishable under articles 320, 320 bis, 321 and
327of the penal code;
On the public action
Whereas when questioned, the accused denied the facts;
That the Prosecutor, after having after summarized the case, requested that the
accused be declared guilty and sentenced to ten (10) years’ imprisonment;
Whereas in the light of the exhibits of the case file and the deliberations of the
hearing, it emerges that the charges against the accused are constant and
That it is appropriate to declare him guilty of this count and to sentence him to
ten (10) years of imprisonment;
On the civil interests
Whereas…acting on behalf of the minor victims, declared his constitution of
civil party and requested for the payment of ten million (10,000,000) CFA
francs for damages;
Whereas in this case, the court has sufficient elements to serve as basis to
reduce the sum to fair and reasonable amount;
That it therefore appropriate to limit the amount to the sum of five million CFA
franc and to order the accused to pay the said amount, by granting provisional
execution, and granting the maximum duration of imprisonment for failing to
pay the dues;
Deliberating publicly, on the basis of counter-argumentation, in criminal matter
and in first instance;
 Declares the accused guilty;
 Sentences him to ten (10) years of imprisonment;
 Admits the constitution of civil party of …. on behalf of … and …;
 Condemns the accused to pay the sum of 5,000,000 CFA franc for
 Orders provisional execution;

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