DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL HIGH COURT PIKINE-GUEDIAWAYE REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One People-One Goal-One Faith Prosecution No: Registry No: Of 03.04.18 IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO The Prosecutor Hearing of 03 April 2018 Versus In the Name of the People of Senegal ….. D.W. of… Nature of offence At the public and ordinary hearing of the Pikine Guediawaye High Court on 03 April 2018 held on criminal matters by Mr …, President, Mr … and Mr …, judges at the seat of the Court - Members, in the presence of Ms …, representing the Prosecutor and with the assistance of Maître …, Registrar, the following judgment was passed: Rape, Pedophilia, Attempted Rape Between: President:… Members:… The Prosecutor, Applicant following the minutes of interrogation for the flagrante delicto case No… dated March 9, 2018; On the one hand And: … on behalf of …and …, assisted by Barrister The Prosecutor:… On the other hand The Registrar:… Questioned at the hearing of 20 March 20218, in conformity with article 384 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the accused declared that he wanted to be judged in the presence of his lawyer, and the case was adjourned to 27 March 2018; The President read the seizure brief and examined the accused; After summarizing the case, the prosecutor requested for the accused to be sentenced to ten (10 years' imprisonment; The accused presented his defense; The defense counsel in his pleadings requested for acquittal on the benefit if doubt; The Registrar took note of the statements of the accused and the pleadings of the defense counsel; The deliberations were then declared closed and the case adjourned to March 30, 2018, and later to April 3, 2018; 1

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