In the name of God, the most gracious the most merciful
Criminal Circuit
Ali Ahmed Ali Mohamed Gashi
Dr. Alamin Awad Ali Ahmed
Alrasheed Al Toam Mohamed Khair
Ahmed Al Ameen Mohd Saad
Musa Al Neel Omer Al Mukashfi


Omer Mohamed Suliman Ali
No. 283/2014

Accused / Omer Mohamed Suliman Ali was subjected to trial under section (45-b)
of the Child Act 2010, before the Child Court Algadarif Court {Public Criminal Court
Judge} as he was accused to have committed rape on the victim/ Rabha Yousif
Osman. The Trial Court convicted accused under section (45-c) of the Child Act
2010 and punished him with imprisonment for 10 years as of: 16/12/2013 (the
date he entered the custody) and a fine equal to SP5000, of which SP4000 to be
paid to the victim as compensation to be collected by civil means.
The convicted person submitted an appeal through his advocate to Algadarif Court
of Appeal which decided in its judgment under No: 205/2014 to cancel the
conviction and punishment and to refer the case to the Trial Court to work upon
the memorandum issued by it.
The convicted submitted an application for review through his advocate to the
Supreme Court – Central States & Algadarif Circuit, which decided in its judgment
under No: 283/2014, dated: 07/12/2014, to uphold the decision of the Court of
Appeal and to cancel the review request.
The convicted was not satisfied with the judgment issued by the Supreme Court
and submitted the enclosed application for review through his advocate/ Babikir

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