REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One People-One Goal-One faith In the name of the people of Senegal DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO ----------------------------- DIOURBEL REGIONAL COURT Judgment N° 438/12 Prosecution N° 538/12 THE PROSECUTOR Of 10 May 2012 AT THE ORDINARY PUBLIC HEARING of the Diourbel Regional Court of (Senegal) on 10 May 2012, held for police criminal cases by Mr. S.F.F., judge at the seat – President, assisted by Mr. A.D. and Mr. S.O.F., seat judges – members; In the presence of Mr. M.F., Deputy Public Prosecutor and with the assistance of Mr. M.T, Registrar; The following judgment was passed: And: C.D. C.L: C.S. (Civil Party) VERSUS S.C.A. NATURE OF OFFENCE Rape, pedophilia and abduction of minor (girl) Articles 320, 320 bis and 348 of the Penal Code Between: 1) The Prosecutor, applicant, in accordance with the interrogation minutes for the flagrante delicto case dated April 20, 2012; And 2): C.D.S., on May 20, 1998 in Daga Diouf, Dalla Ngabou (Ndame), of the late M. and of the late M. and B.D., domiciled in the Thiaby meighbourhood; C.L: C.S, born January 2, 1950 in Mbacké, born of M. and F.D.D, fishmonger, domiciled, in the Tableau Thiaby neighbourhood (Mbodjiène), Mbacké; The Civil party appearing at the concluding hearing in person: On the one hand 1) S.C.A.N, born May 25, 1985 in Mbacké to Y. and N.S, hairdresser, domiciled in Mbacké on the Kael road; Detention warrant of April 20, 2012; Accused of rape, pedophilia and Abduction of a minor, provided for and punishable under articles 320, 320 bis and 348 of the Penal Code; On the other hand

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