Uganda: Mukasa and Another v Attorney-General (2008) AHRLR 248 (UgHC 2008)

for Orders of enforcement of their fundamental rights and freedoms under articles 27, 23(1) and
24 of the Constitution, allegedly breached by the respondent or its agents and damages for the
said breach.

[2.] Details are set out in the affidavits sworn by both applicants in support of the application. It
is deponed by the second applicant that she was a Kenyan student at Makerere University at
the material time. She resided part time with her friend the first applicant at her home in Kireka,
a Kampala suburb.


[3.] On 20 July 2005 at about 6.30 pm, she was alone at home when two men knocked at the
door. She opened the nail clip and the door a bit to see who they were, but they pushed the
door forcibly and aggressively and forced themselves inside.


[4.] In the process, one of the men later identified as the LC1, Chairman [of the Local Council of]
Kireka (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Chairman’, for brevity) violently pushed her and cause her
to fall on a mat. Once inside the house, the Chairman proceeded to pen and rummage through
the bookrack and box and searched through documents and CD’s in the box; while both men
shouted at her and manifested an aggressive posture towards her. When she asked for
identification, one of the men told her that he was the LC1 Chairman.


[5.] The Chairman then seized a CD, some papers, and one or two booklets and a box of
diskettes which he handed over to the other man. He then took a green folder. Then he ordered
the second applicant to dress up and get out of the house. When she asked why he had taken
her friend’s documents, the second man shouted at her and ordered her not to question the

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