128/2008 for her children Ali, Rayan, Ria, and Omer, whose ages are 21, 18, 13
and 8 respectively.
After hearing the case, the Court issued its judgment deciding an amount equal to
SP 600 as maintenance for the children and monthly increase for food, an amount
of SP 500 for clothing for children, to be paid every four month including the
original amount plus the increase, an amount of SP 700 for education for Ali and
Rayan, as of the date of raising the case.
This judgment has been subjected to appeal before the public Court and was
upheld. It was also upheld by Khartoum Court of Appeal under judgment No.:
A/A/#/410/2015 on : 17/06/2015, hence, this objection has been submitted
before us by advocate/ Mr. Ali Abdul Rahman Ali, on behalf appellant, which
reasoning was objection to the decided amounts on the ground that they do not
match appellant’s income.
The objection is admitted in form, despite absence of the document that confirms
the date on which appellant took cognizance of the judgment, subject of
In subject, and after perusing the documents and the reasons for objection, I
believe that, there is no hope for this appeal to be successful, because the
reasons were centered on the high amounts decided, a matter that comes within
the jurisdiction of the lower courts and the Supreme Court does not interfere,
unless the assessment of maintenance amount is exaggerated, but anyone who
sees the decided amounts will find that they are below poverty limits,
accordingly, they cannot be decreased, however, the appellant shall endeavor to
get another job to avail a reasonable standard of living to his children.

Based on the above, I believe, if my respected colleagues agree, to uphold the
contested judgment and to reject the appeal on summary basis, the appellant
shall bear the respective fees.

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