Supreme National Court Personal Status Circuit Decision No.: 499/2015, issued by the Court of Cassation Issued by the Personal Status Circuit- Supreme Court, on: 27-08-2015, presided by Mr. / Raheem Abdel Abdel sayyed, Mr. Yaqoub Hamad Abdel Rahman Member Judge at the Supreme Court Ms. Rabab Mohammed Mustafa Member Judge at the Supreme Court Documents included in Appeal No.: 410/#/2015 –Khartoum Court of Appeal and documents included in case No.: 19/#/2015- Khartoum Court, registered under No.: 391/Cassation/2015, have been submitted. Appellant: Abdul Muni’m Ali Altoam Respondent: Nagwa Abdul Fatah Judgment Respondent raised case No.: 19/#/2015 before Personal Status Court against appellant claiming increase of maintenance imposed under judgment No.:

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