The said case was enlisted on the cause list of the Court, and was adjourned to 08/09/2020 for haring.
The President … did the report of the case;
The Prosecutor’s requisitions were heard;
Thus, the Court adjourned the matter for judgment on 24/11/2020.
During the days’ hearing, the Court ordered for deliberations on the matter to be re-opened, and noted that there
was no observation, before re-adjourning for judgment.
The Court, concluding its deliberation, ruled as follows:
Considering the judgment of the Dakar High Court of 26/04/2019;
Considering the appeals filed against the judgment by the accused and the Prosecutor, in accordance with the
deeds at the Court registry dated 29/04/2019 and 21/05/2019;
Having heard the report of the President….;
Having heard the requisitions of the Prosecutor;
Considering the documents in the file;
After deliberating on the matter in accordance with the law;
Considering that by declaration registered at the registry on 29 April 2019, Barrister…, advocate at the Court,
acting on behalf of … alias …, filed an appeal against judgment No 932/19 delivered on 26 April 2019 by the
Pikine-Guediawaye High Court, ruling on flagrante delicto matter, with the following content:
“Deliberating publicly on the basis of counter-argumentation on criminal matter and in first instance;
On the form
Admits the public action.
On the merit
Declares … alias … guilty;
Sentence him to 10 years of imprisonment;
Admits the … constitution of civil party in the capacity of legal representative of …;
Condemns the accused to the applicant 500,000 CFA francs for damages;
Orders for provisional execution;
Attributes cost to the accused;
Maximum duration of imprisonment for failure to pay dues.”
Considering that, by deed registered on the same day, the Prosecutor filed an appeal.
On the form
Considering that the appeals were made in the legal form and within the deadline;
That it is appropriate to declare them admissible;

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