Dakar Court of Appeal
Criminal Chamber

The Prosecutor….
….., President
….. Registrar

The Prosecutor and
1. Ms. …, born on 25/05/1955 at Ziguinchor to the Late … and …,
residing at Keur Mbaye FALL Mbao, Tel: ….;
2. … , born on 16/02/1910 at Mbour to the … and …;
Accused appearing at the hearing, assisted by their Counsel, Barrister…,
attorney at the Court in Dakar;
On the one hand
… born on 25/12/1980 at Guediawaye to … and …., shopkeeper residing at
Keur Mbaye (Toll Diaz);
Appellant appearing before the Court, assisted by Counsel, Barrister …,
attorney at the Court in Dakar;
Accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, pedophilia and abduction of minor.
On the other hand
The Pikine-Guediawaye High Court, after deliberating on the said case, on
26/04/2019 passed the following judgment:
“Deliberating publicly, on the basis of counter-argumentation, on criminal
matters and in first instance;
On the form
Admits the public action;
On the merit
Declares … alias … guilty;
Sentences him to 10 years of imprisonment;
Admits … constitution of civil party in the capacity of legal representative of
Condemns the accused to pay the applicant the sum of 500,00 CFA franc for
Orders for provisional execution;
Attributes cost to the accused;
Maximum duration of imprisonment for failure to pay dues.”
The accused and the Prosecutor appealed against the above-mentioned
judgment following briefs filed at the registry on 29/04/2019 and 21/05/2019.
Following the said appeals, and the request of the Attorney General at the
jurisdiction, the accused and the civil party were summoned to appeal before
the Appeal Court for hearing on the merit of the appeal on 20/08/2019.

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