Republic of the Sudan
Sudan judiciary
Court of appeal Omdurman

Criminal Section:
Mr. Tag Eldeen Idris Muhammad Judge in Appeal
Mordali Ahmed Hamid Mansoor Judge in Appeal
Masada Awad Salim Ibrahim
Judge in Appeal


Trial of the accused _ Bashir Muhammad Abdulrahim
No. A S G/659/2018
The Judgement
On the date 14/2/2015 the president of General court at the Child court Omdurman _ decreed
Judge in criminal case No. 27/1/2018 decree sentence Bashir Muhammad Idris under Article
45/B from child law in 2010 decreed life imprisonment ,twenty years considering from the
date of guard rail, 21/1/2018, and penalty as (10000), and allocate (8000) for the victim, and
(2000) left as penalty according to Article (198) from Code of Criminal Procedure of 1991.
On the date 26/2/2018, on behalf of convicted, the lawyers Adam Abakar Muhammad Musa,
and Aamar Fadul Bagal offered this appeal against the judgement, and it decided to accept it
formally, according to the two Articles (183) (184) from Code of Criminal Procedure of 1991.
On the subject, the appellant seeks the decision of this court to Cancel the judgment of Trial
court and replace it with another which acquires the acquittal of the convicted person, or take
the right and fair order as following:
No.M A/A S G/ 659/2018
1/ The court violated all applicable international laws and treaties, and the constitution of
Sudan, because it didn't give the convict a fair trial, so there wasn't a lawyer and advocate to
defend the convict, in clear violation of article (135), of the code of criminal procedure, and
the convict was judged in two sittings only.
2/ They did not provide enough evidence to charge his client, with the evidence of witnesses
or medical evidence. There was also a question about whether medical evidence must be
interpreted in favors of the convicted person.
The essential facts are summarized in that the plaintiff informed that the girl went to the
Convict’s shop, and she came back home crying, signifies that the convict raped her, and
procedures were against him, until the appeal judgement. The first reason of the grounds of
appeal is the violating international treaties and conventions, and article 135 of the criminal
procedures of the year 1991. I am in complete agreement with the appellant, that the Court
dismisses the condemned right to obtain a fair trial.

The charge was serious, and the court summoned a lawyer to defend the convict in a bid to
obtain fair trial.

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