The Judiciary
The Superior Court
Jurisdiction of Kordofan States
Criminal Circuit
H. E/Ali Alshareef Dowalbeit, President
H. E/Dalya Basheer, Member
H. E/Adam Ismail Adam, Member
Trial of: Azzedine Abdallah Nasrallah
Serial no. M A/ DWK/TG/24/2017
First Legal Opinion:
On 6/11/2016, the juvenile Court in Elobied, convicted the accused/ Azzedine Abdullah Nasrallah, under
Article 45/C, of the juvenile Code of 2010, and sentenced him to 10 years in prison as of 6/11/2016 as
well as a fine of 3.000 pounds, and in case of failure to pay, he was to be imprisoned for further four
months, all to be spent consecutively.
The convicted individual did not accept the ruling and appealed, supported with his reasons, to the court of
appeal in North Kordofan, who presently issued its ruling upholding the earlier verdict in its entirety, on
However, the ruling by the court of appeal did not satisfy the convicted, so, through his lawyer, he filed
this appeal on 3/1/2018. Yet, in the records (proceedings) I did not come across a notice that notified the
convict of the ruling against him by the court of Appeal.

Therefore, the date of request of appeal is the date the appellant came to know of the verdict by the Court
of Appeal. Hence, the appeal is accepted pro forma.
As regards the subject:
Reasons for appeal
The Court of First Instance erred in convicting the accused based on the testimony by the witness that was
not taken under oath.
The plaintiff and the accused had had a long running dispute over inheritance involving the house of the
family. The plaintiff recounted that on lengthy detail, including issues that were irrelevant to the case.

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