Acts provided for and punished by article 533-10 of the penal
2- having in Ouagadougou, on January 31, 2020, in any case,
less than 3 (three) years ago, without violence, threat or fraud,
abducted or attempted to abduct or divert OR, a minor girl, in
Ouagadougou, to bring her back to Ouahigouya without the
knowledge of her guardian and her family;
Acts provided for and punished by article 532-18 of the penal
When questioned at the hearing of April 29, 2020, in accordance
with Article 321-18 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the accused
declared that he wanted to be tried immediately;
During the appeal, the State Counsel of Faso stated that he had
summoned the above-mentioned accused before the Court to
defend himself on account of the above-mentioned prejudice;
Then, the documents in the case file were read out;
And the accused was questioned;
The statements of the victims were heard;
The submissions of the Legal Department were heard;
The arguments of the accused were heard;
He was the last to speak;
The Court Registrar recorded the proceedings of the hearing;
Considering the documents in the file;
Having heard the answers of the Accused;
Having heard the submissions of the Legal Department;
Having heard the arguments made by the Accused, who spoke
On February 02, 2020, OM filed a complaint to the Ouahigouya
gendarmerie investigation brigade against SML for the kidnapping of
her niece OR, aged about 15 (fifteen) years; In support of her
complaint, she explains that her family, having noticed that OR missed
her classes to go to a video club which is close to the courtyard where
she had special relations with the manager, summoned the latter to
find out more; that the SML reassured the family that he has no special
relationship with OR; that nevertheless, the family sent OR to
Ouagadougou on January 27, 2020, to continue her studies; that on
January 31, 2020, the guardian of OR in Ouagadougou informed her
that she had left the house since the morning without leaving any
trace; that she contacted SML several times to get news of her niece,
without success; that finally SML later returned to her by phone on
February 02, 2020, to announce that her niece was going to return to

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