99-01-29 Amendment of the Penal Code - Prohibition of female genital mutilation
Law n ° 99-05 of January 29, 1999 modifying certain provisions of the Penal Code (Extract
relating to excision]
The National Assembly deliberated and adopted,
The President of the Republic promulgates the law, the content of which follows:
Art.2. - The Penal Code is supplemented by articles 297 bis, 299 bis, 319 bis, 320 bis, 320 ter,
379 bis worded as follows:
........................ Art. 299 bis. - Shall be punished by imprisonment of six months to five years
whoever has harmed or attempted to undermine the integrity of the genital organ of a female
person by total or partial removal of one or more of its elements, by infibulation, by numbing
or by any other means.
The maximum penalty will be applied when these sexual mutilations have been carried out or
encouraged by a person in the medical or paramedical profession. Once they have resulted in
death, the sentence of forced labor for life will still be imposed.
Anyone who, through donations, promises, influences, threats, intimidation, abuse of
authority or power, causes such sexual mutilation or gives instructions to commit it, will be
punished with the same penalties.
This law will be enforced as State law.
Done in Dakar, January 29, 1999.
Abdou Diouf
JORS, 1999, 5847: 832ss.


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