In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
The National High Court
Central States Division & Al-Gadarif
Mr. Tariq Al-Daw Ayoub – Chief Judge
Mr. Al-Araki Al-Rayah Al-Elaish – Member
Mr. Musa Alniel Omer El-Mukashfi – Member
Criminal Division
Trial of:
Balola Musa Hassan

The Decision Note
The above-named has been convicted by the Criminal Court of Rofaa’ Locality under Article 45/6 of the
Child Law of Year 2010 and was sentenced to Three Years imprisonment effective from 28/9/2016, in
addition to a Penalty of Five Thousand Sudanese Pounds, and if not paid, a one year imprisonment is
consecutively applied. He was also ordered to pay Five Thousand Sudanese pounds to the Victim’s
guardians as a compensation, which was to be recovered through civil proceedings.
With a majority agreement in Court Order Number A.S J/453/2016, the Aljazeera Court of Appeal has
ordered the Case Paperwork to be returned to the issuing Court for a heavier sentence. Consequently,
Lawyer Ibrahim Zakaria presented to us this legal Motion challenging the validity of both decisions made
by the subject-matter Court and the Court of Appeal, arguing in his overall reasonings, insufficiency of
evidence to convict the accused, who was not present in the City of Rofaa’ at the time of the incident,
thus requesting the annulment of the conviction decision. The Motion is procedurally accepted.

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