In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful
Criminal Circuit
Mohamed Abu Zaid Osman
Mohamed Ismail Saeed
Yousef Rahmat Allah Abu Quroon

presiding judge

No. 471/2006
The accused Feter Manjoor appeared before Karari Criminal Court in respect of his trial
proceedings in the case No. 54/2006 in which he faces the charge of raping in contravention
of the provision of Article (149) of Criminal Act for 1991.
The basis of the charge is that: the accused worked as a cleaner at the house of the 10 years
old victim`s father house, and whilst she was sleeping, he pulled out her trousers and raped
her when the occupants of the house were inattentive.
The trial court listened to the interrogator`s statement then to the victim`s statement and
finally to the complainant’s statement being the victim`s aunt who rushed in response to the
victim`s shouting where she found the accused over the victim raping her and performing
sexual intercourse.
The accused was interrogated by the court and admitted that the victim was sleeping in yard
back home and he was spreading the bed sheets. While he was clearing the adjacent
bathroom the victim caught him and he did nothing towards her and added that he was 19
years of age.
The victim was sent to the doctor who prepared his report on her condition. The report
revealed the following:
(1) Hymen was damaged.
(2) Existence of recent bruises and some lesions. Para (d) of the report stated that there was
a sexual intercourse. (See the charge exhibit No. (1)).
The trial court has convicted the accused under Article (139/3) of Criminal Act for 1991
and sentenced him to:
(1) 100 lashes.
(2) five years imprisonment starting from the date on which he was arrested that was

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