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Implementing Decree of the Labour Code
Order No. 1566/MEFPT-SG of 7 October 1996

[NB - Article numbers in the Order follow the numbering contained in the Mali Labour Code]

Art.1.- The decree spells out the modalities for
implementing various provisions of the Mali Labour
Art.2.- The National Director for Labour,
Employment and Social Security, as well as
Regional Directors for Labour, Employment and
Social Security shall in their respective capacities be
tasked with implementing this order, which will be
registered, published and shared where necessary.

Part 2 - Rules Governing
Employment, Apprenticeships
and Training
Section 1 - Apprenticeships

Art.A.8.- The National Labour Market Board shall
be tasked with certifying, through exams,
apprenticeships in accordance with article L.8 of the
Mali Labour Law.

Section 2 - Types, Conclusion and Enforcement
of Employment Contracts

Sub-section 2 - Fixed-term Contracts
Art.A.20.-Pursuant to article L.20, the following
industries are those wherein fixed term contracts can
be concluded for jobs and wherein open-ended
contracts are uncommon due to the nature of the
work done and the temporary nature of these jobs :
• logging;
• ship repairs ;

Implementing Decree of the Labour Code


hotels and catering ;
cultural activity ;
leisure and holiday centres ;
professional sports ;
research and survey activities ;
meat warehousing and storage ;
construction and public works ;
social and health activities.

Section 2 - Contract Termination

Sub-section 3 - Dismissal by Reason of
Art.A.48.1.- The following rules herein after shall
apply to dismissal by reason of redundancy :
• 1° professional importance, seniority and
family responsibilities, in this order, are the
criteria for
dismissal drawn up by the
• 2° Workers who are less skilled professionally
as compared to spared jobs shall be placed on
the list of workers that the employer intends to
When two or more employees are both equally
important professionally, those who have
served the longest shall be kept. A worker's
seniority shall be increas ed by one year if
he/she is married and by one year for each
dependent child as meant in the Mali Social
Security Law.
• 3° The list of workers to be dismissed drawn up
by the employer shall be sent to personnel


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