had summoned the above-mentioned accused before the
Juvenile Court Judge at today's hearing to defend himself on
account of the above-mentioned prejudice;
And the accused was questioned;
The submissions of the Legal Department were heard;
The accused made his arguments to defend himself;
He was the last to speak;
The Court Registrar recorded the responses of the accused;
On this, the hearings having ended, the Juvenile Judge ruled
as follows:
Considering the documents in the file;
Having heard the answers of the accused;
Having heard the submissions of the Legal
Having heard the arguments of the accused;
On February 6, 2018, D.R. accompanied by her elder
sister filed a complaint at the Gendarmerie Research Section
of Bobo-Dioulasso, against Z.M., for alleged violation of
privacy committed against her;
The victim stated that in October 2017, she was having
sexual relations with Z.M.; that while she was sitting naked
on the bed, her boyfriend was discreetly taking pictures of
her; that afterwards, he broke off this relationship; and
sometime later, he proposed to have sexual relations with her;
that since they were no longer friends, she rejected his
proposal; However, the accused threatened to publish the
nude photograph on social networks if she did not give in to
his request; that he actually went on with his threat by
publishing the photo in two WhatsApp groups;
When questioned, Z.M. acknowledged the alleged acts; he
explained that he had published a photo of his ex-girlfriend
in two WhatsApp groups; he explained that he had
obtained the said photo without the victim's knowledge;
Upon completion of the investigation, the procedure was
transmitted to the State Counsel of Faso at the High Court of
Bobo-Dioulasso, who filed a lawsuit before the Juvenile
Judge for violation of privacy and left him free;

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