Tergou Pie SOME

regarding the above-mentioned prejudice;

The accused was interrogated and the Court Registrar recorded his
DIALLO The accused made his arguments to defend himself;

Lassina Wouangrawa
BELEM Ousmane

Mindful of the flagrante delicto proceeding initiated
against O.S.M;
Mindful of documentary evidence in the case file;
Having heard arguments made by the accused;
Having heard the statements made by the victim;
Having heard the testimonies given by witnesses;
Having heard the submissions made by the Legal Department;
The accused having received the floor, in last position to defend
On 1 June 2020, the Gendarmerie Investigation Unit of
Ouahigouya received T.F who was lodging a complaint against her
nephew O.S.M for obscene insults and attempted murder;
Opening a proper investigation to elucidate the allegations, officers
of the said Gendarmerie unit recorded the statements of T.F, the
victim, and those of OUEDRAOGO Alizèta, TRAORE Seydou,
OUEDRAOGO Ramata, and OUEDRAOGO W.N. Fadima, the
witnesses, before apprehending O.S.M, the accused;
To buttress her complaint, T.F explained that she is the full younger
sister of OUEDRAOGO Bréhima, father of O.S.M; that
OUEDRAOGO Sidi continuously claims that she not only denigrates
his father, but himself, his brothers and his sisters; that she gave no
consideration to these allegations; that on 1 June 2020, in the
afternoon, she was sitting in front of her house when O.S.M arrived;
that after having greeted her, he began insulting her; that he asked
her if she had said that his maternal grandmother was promiscuous,
and she gave an affirmative answer; that he removed a knife from
his bag to slaughter her; that he pressed her head against the
wall and she shouted; that she struggled and the knife fell; that he
tried to pick it up, but she held his hand; that in the struggle,
OUEDRAOGO Sidi Mohamed’s hand knocked her eye; that after
hearing her shout, several persons rushed to the scene and rescued
her from the hands of her nephew; that her rescuers placed her in
her room and keyed the door; not having succeeded to carry out
his attack, O.S.M went away, promising to come back and kill her;
that after his departure, she deemed it necessary to lodge a
complaint with the Gendarmerie


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