In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
The National High Court
Central States Division – Al-Gadarif
Mr. Tariq Al-Daw Ayoub – Chief Judge
Mr. Al-Araki Al-Rayah Al-Elaish – Member
Mr. Musa Alniel Abdel-Mukashfi – Member
Criminal Division
Trial of:
Abdelaziz Abbakar Idriss

Rabak Child Criminal Court convicted the accused Abdelaziz Abbakar under Article 45/B of the Child Law
of Year 2010, and sentenced him to life imprisonment, for copulating the victim, whose age is 16 years
old, and thus impregnating her; White Nile State’s Court of Appeal upheld this verdict. Lawyer
Mohammed Hassan Alaaz lodged a legal Motion to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold
the Subject-matter Court decision, on the basis that it violates the Law.
We accept the Motion procedurally, as it was lodged within the timeframe stated in Article 184 of
Criminal Procedures’ law for the Year 1991.
As for the subject-matter, we find that the conviction upholds, based on the accused plea of guilt
throughout all the stages of proceedings – we also find that the subject-matter Court has correctly
applied the Law, because the difference between the letter of article (4) of the Child Law of Year 2010
and that of Article (3) of the Criminal Law of Year 1991 has been settled.

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