In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful
The Judiciary
The Supreme Court of Kurdufan State
The Criminal Circuit
Honorable Judges,
H. E/Ali Alshareef Dowalbeit…………………. President
H. E/Dalya Basheer………………………………. Member
H. E/Adam Ismail Adam…………………………. Member
Trial of: Salma Al Rasheed Al Haj Mohammed and others
Number: M. Ain/D. Waw. K/T.J./21/2017
First Opinion:


On the 8/11/2016 the Criminal Court of Al Obaid issued her decision on the criminal claim
number G.A/29/Hadi/2016 to reject the claim.
The convicted party was not satisfied with the decision and filed an appeal justifying his
reasoning with the appeal court of northern Kurdufan where the appeal court decision
A.S.J./286/2016 acquitted the defendant Salma Al Rasheed of fornication and subsequent
abortion on 3/12/2016.
The appellant was not satisfied with the decision and on 21/12/2016 presented the following
claim and whereas the appellant was notified of the appeal court’s decision on 19/12/2016 as
stated on the memorandum presented and attached to this claim therefore his appeal was
presented within the legal time frame as stated by Article 184 of the Criminal procedures
Code for 1991 and in conformity of article 183 of the same, therefore the appeal is accepted
in form.
As to the subject

First Reasoning for the Appeal: The appeal came as a narrative of the claim presented whereas the
appellant’s opinion is that the court has overlooked the details and that it should have brought the
doctor who exercised the abortion and that the court was at fault to acquit the defendants who
received the remains and buried it.
 The defendant’s claim that the operation was to clean a menstrual clot is a fault.
 And he requested to reject all decisions made and to request the presence of the doctor who
made the operation.
The Facts
The appellant was the husband of the first defendant Salma Al Rasheed and that she has borne him
children and separated by divorce and according to the complainant that he was one day visiting his
children at their mother’s home and that she was not present at the time and when enquiring about
her whereabouts the children replied that she was at the maternity hospital and upon further enquiry
it became apparent to him that she was admitted into the hospital and underwent an abortion and he
filed a criminal complaint against her that she was with an illegitimate child and aborted the child,
the accused was then arrested and all normal police and legal procedures were followed against her

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