defilement is eoneerned. There are -enough ether aggravating
She first stated that she did not know the father of he:r daughter's
_childbutJaterstatedtl1atit wastheaccused.Shed€:d-:iied having a
-la..-qd -~Nrar..gle with the aecusecL She . staJP.d that· she -wa3 a bit
confused during cross examination. What was confusing her? Is it
the situation she finds herself in that is confusing her, or, is she not
telling the truth?
She persistently failed to call a spade a spade when asked what the
accused had done to the victim. Either she was an evasive liar or
the incident had traumatized her so much she felt embarrassed to
even put in words what had happened.

or additionally, being a· rural African woman, the
sensitivities of her culture would not allow her to state certain
things in public. This is the view espoused by the prosecution to
explain the witness's apparent discomfort in the dock.

The accused chose to make an unsworn statement, meaning that
chose not to be subjecte~~t~.p,.,c~oss examination. He
is a retired UPDF soldier''';~~ working as a Security gua.
to his arrest. He married the victim's mother and they bought the
plot on which they were living prior to his arrest.
He denied that the victim's child is his. He blamed his current
predicament on his wife's sons, whom, he accused of never having
accepted him as their father, the husband of their mother.
He also pointed to the plot of land they bought with his wife, which
they were attempting to sell and deprive him of its ownership. The
accused blamed all this partly on the fact that he is not a local boy
of the area.
I found the victim to be a credible vvitness. The fact that she has a
child, is infected with HIV, reported the matter to her mother

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