The National Supreme Court Personal Matter Circuit Cassation Decision NO/377/2015 Issued by the National Supreme Court, Personal Matter Circuit, the First Circuit on 1/7/2015; headed by MR/ Salah El Tigani EL Ameen with Members MR/ Abdel Raheem Abd El Sayeed and MR / Altayb Abd El Ghafoor Abd El Wahab and Rabab Mohmed Mostafa, Supreme Court Judges. The appeal presented file NO 100/S/2014, State of South Darfur / Neyala Appeal Court and file for suit NO: 561/S/2014 Neyala Court, registered under 252/cassation/2015. Appellant: Abdullah Moktar Ahmed Respondent: Fawziyah Youssef Ahmed (Judgment) 24/8/2014: The Nayala Personal Mattes Court issued, in suit NO/561/S/2014, child support for the kids (Ahmed, El Mahi, Mohmed El Wathig), aged respectively 16, 14 and 10 years. The amounts were 450 pounds for food and nourishment and 300 pounds for clothing allowance, every four months; for education, the costs would be as per rates for government school, while health care costs would be covered according to the bills provided by government hospitals counting from 1/4/2014. The respondent admits the filiation with the children the fact that they deserved maintenance support, but that he had not provided the support since April 2014, and the amount stipulated is much. After listening to the appellant, the court identified the evidence for amounts, and issued the above-mentioned judgment. The respondent was not satisfied with the judgment and appealed at the South Darfur Appeal Court, which issued judgment dismissing the appeal. Before us is objection submitted by respondent via his advocate Mr./ Hasona Adam Abaker Mohamed; he disagrees with the judgment of the Appeal Court, as contrary to the law and right weight of evidences. On the form, we gather that the appellant knew about the judgment on 19/11/2014 and paid fees of cassation in 31/11/2014; so the objection was submitted in legal time, and thus considered admissible on the form. Rabab Mohmed Mostafa Supreme Federal Court Judge 25/6/2015 Salah El Tigani EL Ameen Abdel Raheem Abd El Sayeed Supreme Federal Court Judge 1/7/2015 Supreme Federal Court Judge 30/6/2015 The final judgment: Dismissal of the objection summary with the fees. Salah El Tigani EL Ameen Supreme Federal Court Judge 1/7/2015

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