In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

The Court of Appeal
White Nile State
Sharia Circuit
Before Honorable Justices:
H. E./ Salahuddin Mahjoub Ahmed…………….President.
H.E./ Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Altobji………….Member.
H.E./ Hamid Alamin Abdullah…………………..Member.

Al-Sadiq Ali Mohammed Hamouda/Appellant
Aalia Mohammed Mahmoud/Appellee


The facts in this request are summed up in this document
submitted by Attorney/ Hawaa Saleh Abdullah on 29/6/2015, against the
decision issued by H.E. Judge of the Personal Affairs – Rabak – FirstClass, in which he ruled the dismissal of the appeal. And the attorney
was unsatisfied, arguing that the decision was in breach of the law and
was erroneous regarding its application, interpretation and
understanding, and hence, she requests from us to intervening by
revoking it.
Pro forma, the court earlier accepted the request and ordered that
the appellee be notified for her to submit a reply, but she didn’t, and
thus, the request is now ready to be decided on.

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