Suspect caught red-handed REPUBLIC OF SENEGAL One Nation- One GoalOne Faith High Court of Pikine- Guediawaye (SENEGAL) Ordinary public hearing of 29 May 2018 Dakar Court of Appeal High Court of PikineGuediawaye No of the judgment: No of the public prosecution: Public Prosecutor And ……… (claimant of civil damages) Versus …… Detention warrant dated 04.07.18 Type of the offence Attempt of rape of 13 years old minor, pedophilia and abduction of minor Decision See end of judgment At the ordinary public hearing of the High Court of PikineGuediawaye of May 29, 2018 held in correctional matters by Madam…, President, assisted Mr… and Mr …, members, in the presence of Mr. …, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Maître…, Registrar, was rendered the following: Between: The Public Prosecutor, plaintiff, based on the interrogation statement of a suspect caught red-handed dated 14.05.2018; And .... born on September 27, 1962 at Oukott-Etilo, of... and of..., hotel employee domiciled at Dalifort; claimant for damages, present at the public hearing, representing her daughter …., born in 2005 at Dalifort; ON THE ONE HAND …. born in Dakar in 1969 of… and of… driver, domiciled at Dalifort, married and having one child, stating to have not been convicted and have not been a member of the army; Suspect of attempt of rape of a 13 years old minor, abduction and pedophilia; Detained on detention warrant of 14.05.2018; Present at the public hearing; ON THE OTHER HAND Summoned by the President at the hearing of 18 May 2018 in accordance with article 384 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the suspect stated that he wanted to be tried immediately but the case was adjourned on 25 May 2018 to allow the claimant of civil damages to appear at the court hearing.

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