Whereas, according to the interrogation statement No
4815 dated 25.11.2019, … was brought before this Court,
in any event before the prescription of the criminal action,
on allegations to have committed in Pikine in 2018, by
violence, coercion, threat, acts of sexual penetration on
….; to have committed in the same circumstances,
gestures, touching and caressing for sexual purposes on
the above- mentioned minor;
Offences provided for and punished by articles 320 and
320 bis of the Penal Code;
On the criminal action
Whereas while he was interrogated the suspect denied the
Whereas the public prosecutor applied for 2 years of
imprisonment for the suspects;
Considering that during public hearing, the facts the suspect
is accused of are rather acts of abduction of a minor and
that it is appropriate to categorize them as such and
sentence the accused to 3 months of imprisonment;
On Civil damages
Whereas the amount of 1 million FCFA claimed by …for
civil; that it is appropriate to order the payment of the said
Ruling publicly in the presence of parties in correctional
matters and at first instance;

Categorizes the offence the suspect is accused of as
abduction of a minor;
Declares the accused guilty of this offence;
Sentences him to 3 months of imprisonment;
Declares admissible the civil action of… representing
Grants him 1 million of FCFA as reparation;
Orders the accused to pay the said amount;
Orders provisional execution of the sentence;
Orders the offender to pay the costs;
Sets the enforcement by committal period to

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