He specified that the wounds which K.J sustained were orchestrated by a group of
young people of the village of Digbapia which included her nephew T.Z;
Prosecuted in court, G.N.B maintained his denials;
However, he pointed out that he was not at the scene at the time of the facts;
But, he was charged by the witnesses and the victim who filed as a civil party
action and requested damages of the sum of 500,000 francs;
The Public Prosecution requested the conviction of the accused to 3 months of
imprisonment and a fine of 100 000 francs;
By judgment no.670/2012, delivered on June 27, 2012, the court ruled as follows:
- Declares G.N.B guilty of the facts charged to him;
- Sentences him to three (03) months of imprisonment and a fine of one hundred
thousand (100,000) francs;
-Receives the civil party action instituted by Lady K.J.,
-Declares it however well founded;
-Condemned G.N.B to pay her the sum of 300,000 francs as damages;
-Sentences him to costs;
According to the statement made on June 27, 2012, at the registry of the Daloa
court and registered under number 123, the same day, G. N.B appealed against this
In the trial on appeal, he appeared and denied having beaten and injured K.J;
He explained that on the day of his late brother's funeral, gripped by the pain
caused by this death and busy paying tribute to his late brother, he had neither the
strength nor the time to do such acts, so that he finds it strange to be accused by
the victim;
Moreover, he denied having previously accused the young people of his village as
well as his nephew T. Z;
For her part, K.J maintained that G.N.B threw her to the ground before grabbing a
piece of wood to strike her in the face which knocked her unconscious;
For the General Prosecutor's Office, the accused having lost his temper due to the
death of his younger brother, did himself justice by attacking violently the one that
he had wrongly accused to be the author of this death;
He therefore requested confirmation of the impugned judgment in all its

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