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National Assembly
3rd Convention

Sudanese Nationality Act (Amendment) 2011
Pursuant to the provisions of the Sudan Interim Constitution 2005, the National
Assembly passed and the President of the Republic signed the following Act:



Title and Commencement of the law
This Act shall be cited as 'the Sudanese Nationality Act (Amended) of Year
2011’. It shall come into force on the date of signature1.
The Sudanese Nationality Act of year 1994 shall be amended as follows:

First: Section 6 of the act shall be amended as follows:
(a) The title of the section shall be amended by adding the phrase “granting and
revocation” before the phrase nationality certificate.
(b) Add a new sub section 2 to the section which reads as follows:
“2- The Minister may decide to revoke Sudanese nationality by birth if the person has
obtained it by fraud, forgery, false representation or the concealment of any material fact; or
any other unlawful way”.
(c)The section's items are to be renumbered.
Second: Subsection1 of section 7 shall be amended as follows
Nationality by Naturalization
(1) Sub section (c) shall be amended by adding the phrase “continuous and lawful
residence”: after the phrase “residing in Sudan”, the provision should accordingly
read as follows:
“(c) Residing in Sudan continuously and lawfully for 10 years or more”.
(2) The following two sub-sections should be added after sub-section (d), as
“(e) To be of a sound mind”.
“(f) To have a lawful way of gaining living”
Third: section10 shall be repealed and replaced by the following new section:

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