Khartoum Public Order Act 1998
[This decree was originally issued by the Governor of Khartoum State but later ratified by the
Assembly of Khartoum State in 1996. See the end of the Act for more details]
In the name of the God, the compassionate the merciful,
In Pursuance of section (41) of the Eleventh Constitution Decree, the Government of Khartoum State
has issued the Decree stated here under
Chapter One
Preliminary Provisions
Title and Commencement
1. This Act may be cited as Khartoum Public Order Act 1998 and shall come into Force from the date
of its signature.
Scope of Enforcement
2. Enforcement of the provisions of this Act is restricted to Khartoum State geographical boundaries.
3. From the date of its enforcement, this Act hereby repeals any legislation or state law regulating the
same subject.
4. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the
meaning assigned thereto:
a) State: means Khartoum State.
b) Locality: means the locality established Pursuant to section 6 of the local Government Act 1995.
c) Peoples’ Committee: means the Committee established Pursuant to section 1(1) of the Peoples
Committee Act 1992.
d) Public Place: means a place where people come to and includes restaurants, cafes markets,
cafeterias, places of entertainment, public streets and clubs.
e) Public Party: means having a party in a public place whether it charges admission or not.
f) Private Party: means having a party inside or outside a house in which loud speakers are used.
g) Trivial Songs: means songs that use words or expression contradicting religion morality good taste
and good conscience.
i) Vagrant: Means person who has no apparent place of residence, no profession, or no whereby he
earns a living.
h) Beggar: means person who is usually earns his living by asking people, directly or indirectly by
collecting for charities, for money.

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