Republic of Senegal One People-One Goal-One Faith IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO DAKAR COURT OF APPEAL ORDINARY PUBLIC HEARING OF 12 JUNE 2015 DAKAR REGIONAL COURT At the public and ordinary hearing of the Dakar Regional Court (Senegal) on 12 June 2015 on police criminal matters by Ms. …, Judge at the Court – President, assisted by Ms…. and Mr…., in the presence of Mr. …, representing the Prosecutor and with the assistance of Maître…, Registrar, the following judgment was passed: Judgment No: Prosecution No: THE PROSECUTOR AND 1) ….. (Barrister … and …) (Civil party) BETWEEN: The Prosecutor, Applicant, following minutes of interrogation for the flagrante delicto case No… of 18.05.2015; AND: 1) …, born 01 January 2012, assisted by her mother, born in 1984 in Bignona, trader, domiciled at the “Parcelles Assainies” unit 18; (CIVIL PARTY) Appearing and concluding at the hearing with the assistance of her lawyers, Barristers…. and …. ; ON THE ONE HAND CONTRE … (Barrister…) AND: … born on 02 March1997 in Agnam Thiadiaye, to … and …, caterer, residing in Greater Dakar, villa No…; Detained following detention warrant of 18.05.20215; (D.W. of 18.05.2015) Accused of rape of a minor below the age of 13 years and pedophilia; Nature of offence Rape of a minor (girl) below the age of 13 years, Pedophilia (Articles 320 and 379 of the Penal Code) Appearing at the hearing in person with the assistance of his lawyer, Barrister….; ON THE OTHER HAND Questioned by the President at the hearing of 20/05/2015 in conformity with article 384 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the accused declared that he wanted to be judged immediately, and the case was successively adjourned until this day, when it was enlisted for hearing; When the case was called up for hearing, the Prosecutor stated that he had brought the aforementioned accused before the Court on this day to defend himself on account of the above-mentioned accusations; The accused was interrogated; The Registrar took note of the accused's responses; The Prosecutor requested against the accused a prison sentence of ten (10) years; The accused and his counsel presented their means of defense; Then the Court, after deliberating in conformity with the law, ruled as follows: 1

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