National Supreme court
Circle of Personal Status
No. M A /D A SH/ 283/ Appeal/ 2008

Date: 20/10/2008

The Subject/lawsuit/ Yasser Al-Khair Mohammad
Rabab Abdallah Ali Al-Nour
Mr. Chief Court Observer Omdurman Appeal
I return the papers of case number: 244/S/2008 to your court, after filing the decision of appeal
number: 397/2008; its copy attached for your signature and action here-with.
Gasim Seed Ahmed Alsaeed
Chief Inspection of the National Supreme Court
Copy to:
Mr. President of Karary court D A SH
Lawsuit papers No. 96/G/2008 your court
A copy of the appeal decision to signature
Appellant: Yasir Alkhair Muhammad, living in Alsalam, house No. near the Mosque
By the Chief of Office of the Supreme Court A SH
Respondent: Rabab Abd Allah Ali Alnoor
By Barrister Haram Osman Ahmed, Khartoum
By the Chief of Office of the Supreme Court A SH

She asked for a divorce because he verbally accused her of not being a virgin when he
married her. The court quashed the claim because she could not prove it.
Issued by the Supreme Court Personal Status Circuit on 28/9/2008, under the auspices of Mr.
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad, with members: Mr. Muhammad Abu Zaid Osman, and Mr. AL
Bushra Osman Salih, the Supreme Court Judges.
The papers of case number 244/S/2008 filed to Appeal Court of Omdurman, were submitted; the
papers of case number 96/G/ 2008 Karki Court D A CH, registered under number 283/Appeal/ 2008.

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