Supreme National Court
Personal Status Circuit
Decision No.: 177/2016, issued by the Court of Cassation

Issued by the 3rd. Personal Status Circuit- Supreme Court, on: 20-03-2016, headed
by Mr. / Al Tayeb Abdel Ghafoor Abdel Wahab sayyed,
Dr . Sitna Abdel Galil


Judge at the Supreme Court
Mr. Mustafa Al Hadi Salih


Judge at the Supreme Court

Documents included in Appeal No.: 103/#/2015 –Omdurman Court of Appeal
and documents included in case No.: 2065/#/2014- Umbada Court, registered
under No.: 658/Cassation/2015, have been submitted.

Appellant: Ali Kadada Rahma
Respondent: Fatima Dardim Rahma


The respondent raised case No.: 2056/#/2014 before Umbada Personal Status
Court against the judgment claiming issuance of a judgment granting her alimony
to her daughter Huda who is two years and half claiming that she was his wife and
have given birth to the said daughter, that he gives her money, that is not enough
for her daughter expenses, knowing that he is well off. She evaluated the amount
she considers appropriate. After replying to the case and hearing the expert

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