in a beer parlour ; that her husband continuously infected her with
sexually-transmitted infections ; that her husband's lifestyle is the reason she is barren and they cannot
have a child ; that in fact , a medical exam has proven that his sperm count is
below normal ; that the Doctor advised him to stop drinking alcohol
and smoking ; that he nevertheless still perpetuates this lifestyle, which is straining
their marriage: that for all these reasons, she is seeking the annulment of their marriage
Whereas in reply, Mr Aboubacar HAIDARA refutes his wife's allegations ;
that she still insists she wants a divorce, that he is not against it ; that

he has always catered to his wife's feeding and clothing needs as required ; that
he has always performed his marital obligations as a husband ; that nevertheless based on medical analyses,
the Doctor told that he does not have enough sperms to conceive a child ; that
his wife refuses to have sexual relations with him ; that this is why he sleeps with other women.
Whereas the applicant is seeking a divorce because her husband is a heavy drinker ;
that he sleeps around ;
that he often spends the night away from home;
That according to the terms of article 352 of the Persons and Family Code; “ A spouse may seek divorce
the event of : adultery by the other spouse ... ; confirmed alcohol addiction... ”
That in this case, submissions have constantly shown that the respondent is an unrepentant alcoholic ;

that the medical exam performed and the advice from the Doctor to stop drinking alcohol is sufficient proof
of his addiction to alcohol ;
that he partially admits to the fact that his sperm count is abnormally low ;

that furthermore, he justifies his

infidelity by the fact that the applicant refuses to have sex with him ;

Whereas the defendant is present at the hearing ;
that he states that he is not against the divorce if the applicant insists on continuing with the procedure;

Whereas adultery and confirmed alcohol addiction are accepted grounds for divorce;
that consequently it is appropriate to admit the petition of Madame Yacouty KONE


declares it grounded and grants it.

The court :

Having considered according to the law;
Deciding publicly, in the presence of both parties, after discussions in the council chamber
in a civil proceeding, and as the court of last resort;
As concerns procedural issues : declares the petition of Madame Yacouty KONE admissible ;
As concerns substantive issues : finds it grounded ; grants the divorce with blame put solely
on the husband.

Orders the Respondent to pay for costs;
It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed publicly by this Civil Court on the days, month and year

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