In the name of Allah, the Merciful
The National High Court



Ahmed Mahboob Abdullah
Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Abdulmutaleb Ahmed


Trial of / Mahmoud Abdullah Adam
No. GC/PC/162/2017
The Judgment
Omdurman Child Court exonerated the above-mentioned accused from breaching Article 45/b
of Child Act, 2010, and condemned him of breaching Article 78/a, of the same Law.
Omdurman Court of Appeal fully approved the judgment of the Trial Court.
Now, Advocate/ Mohamed Sier Elkhatim Abullah requested medical examination of the
victim’s vulva as he thought that the judgment was contrary to what was concluded by the
sub-courts. The advocate sees that the victim's hymen has been removed contrary to what was
stated by the Court of Appeal whose statements are consistent with the Complainant's
The defense did not provide any evidence stating the existence of hostility between the
Complainant and the Accused. All the Claimant's witnesses denied such hostility.
The Complainant - on oath – stated that she saw the accused committing adultery with his
daughter, and that she told her mother and brothers.
Based on all that, the Advocate sees that the evidences provided are sufficient to establish
condemnation and therefore revoke the sub-courts judgment, along with returning the papers
to their respective court due to difficulties surrounding the claim.
This is a summary of the request, which I see that we must accept in formality, as it meets the
requirements provided for by Article 188 to review the procedures and verify their reliability.
In terms of content, I see the following:
The allegation against the father is related to the abuse on the victim (his daughter) caused by
him in 1998 since they were in the State of Libya. Those allegations were repeated in Sudan
when they were residing in Dar Elsalam –the abuse.

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