The National Supreme Court
Circle of Central States and AlQadarif
Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Ibrahim
Mr. Alaraki Alrayah Aleleish
Mr. Musa Alneel Omer


No. M. A / F. G/179/2016
Criminal Circle:
Trial: Mokhtar Salah Ali Balla
Alrosiris Criminal Court convicted the above accused Mokhtar Salah Ali Balla under article
45/B of the Child Law of 2010, and sentenced the accused to twenty years’ imprisonment
commencing from14/12/2015 and penalty of five thousand pounds, failing which the accused
would be imprisoned for another year. The family of the accused appealed to the Court of
Appeal in Blue Nile State, which amended the penalty for conviction under article /45 to ten
years’ imprisonment, and amended the alternative prison term to six months, rather than one
year (F G 2/2016).
The above requests were filed by the convict’s mother seeking to reduce the punishment on
compassionate grounds, notably on the basis that the culprit was the only one responsible for
the welfare of the family, and the request was acceptable considering the provisions of article
188 of the Criminal Procedures Law of 1991.
The conviction is perfectly completed, even if it does not evoke libel or slander, from the
applicant, because it is proved the convict has molested the child, aged fifteen years old, as
the Court of Appeal and Trial Court described the facts.
With regard to imprisonment terms, I deem fit to reduce it to five years commencing from
14/12/2015, while keeping the other sanctions – the penalty and alternative prison – as
appreciation of the reasons mentioned in the request of the convict’s mother.
Signature of:
Alaric Alrayah Aleleesh
Seal of:
President of Supreme Court
Signature of:
Musa Alene Omer
Seal of:
The President of Supreme Court

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