In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

The Judiciary
The Supreme Court of Kurdufan State
The Criminal Circuit
Honorable Judges:
H. E/Ali Alshareef Dowalbeit………………….President
H. E/Dalya Basheer………………………………..Member
H. E/Adam Ismail Adam………………………….Member
Trial of: Aisha Al Radi Hamouda
Number: M. Ain/D. Waw. K/T.J./10/2017
The Decision:
First Opinion:


Under articles 157, 160 of the Criminal Code of the year 1991, Al Fullah Criminal Court of the
first instance rules against Aisha Al Radi Hamouda on the 20/10/2016 sentencing her to 80
lashes for violating article 157 G.J. and to pay a fine of 750 Pounds for violating article 160 G.J.
or imprisonment for a period of one month.
The convict was not satisfied with the decision and filed an appeal justifying her reasoning with
the appeal court of northern Kurdufan, the resulting court’s judgment number
A.S.J/D.A./611/2016 came as follows:
1. To revoke the conviction and the penalty under article 157 G.J for the year 1991
2. To support the conviction and the penalty under article 160 G.J. for 1991 on


The applicant was not satisfied with the decision of the court and on the 4/12/2016 she
presented her appeal to this department.

I was not able to establish a notification date for the applicant from the document of the decision of
the court of appeal; therefore, the date she filed the application shall be the date of notification of
the decision of the appeal court, and therefore, the appeal is accepted in form.
As to the subject
First Reasoning for the Appeal: The appellant did not specify how the judgment contradicted the law
except that she was not satisfied with the judgment pursuant to 157 G.J.
The Facts
The appellant stated that the convict has verbally abused her by calling her names (You whore, you
worthless wondering whore) and said to her face (you were caught with the man, and they forced you
to marry him.) Therefore, a case was filed, and the convict was brought to the due process of the law.
When the investigations were concluded, the convict was brought to trial, and the court of first instance,
under articles 160, and 157 G.J, made its judgment but revoked the judgment and conviction of the

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