2 Ntlhoki, the defence attorney, to be in accordance with his instructions. After entering the said plea on behalf of the accused, her attorney indicated to the court, that all the facts contained in the depositions made at the Preparatory Examination by PWs 4,5,6,7,8 and 9, are admitted. Further admissions were made as regards the medical evidence contained in the postmortem report. As a result of these admissions by the accused, those depositions made at Preparatory Examination by the witnesses indicated above, were read into the machine and made part of the record of this trial. The post mortem report was produced before court by consent and marked EXHIBIT A. It was also read into the recording machine. Briefly, the admitted facts as contained in those Preparatory Examination depositions are as follows:- PW5 and PW6 were in the vicinity of the scene of the crime at the time the alleged offence was committed, although both of them were out of sight. PW5 is MATHABISO SEATLANA. She was in the KHALOLI river where she was doing her laundry. When she finished her washing, she ascended the river bank in order to go and hang up her laundry. While she was hanging up her laundry to dry, she heard a child cry out her name. Immediately there arrived another child to her, named LIMAKATSO who made a report and an indication. MATHABISO SEATLA followed them up. She arrived at the scene of the crime. There she found the deceased laying down and bleeding profusely from the wound

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