In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful
Form No.: 8
Personal Law Courts

Sudan Judiciary
The Republic of the Sudan
The Judiciary Authority
Summarized Copy
Summary of Legal Execution Judgement

No.: 6/G/2016

Issued by;

Asalayah Court on this day: 6th

Corresponding Date:


Ahmed Khalid Abdul Hameed

Month 2





Collected Fee
Pence Pound

Judge of the Court

Presented to this Court on: the 6th of Month: 2 Year: 2016

Having reviewed case No.:


Corresponding Date:

the 6th of Month 2

Year: 2016

Filed by Applicant: Awatif Al Neel Yousif Mohammed
Respondent: Abdul Hadi Adam Idress
On the subject of:

Child Alimony

And have made the following judgment:


Ruled in favor, and in the presence, of the applicant Awatif Al Neel Yousif Mohammed
/against/ the Respondent Abdul Hadi Adam Idress, represented by and in the presence of his
lawyer Miss Hawah Salih: for a child alimony for his children: Issrah, 13 years old and AbdulBagi, 18 years old; granted the amount of 500 Pounds each for previous and subsequent Child
Support Alimony, starting from this day: 3/11/2016 to cover food and wellbeing, plus the
amount of 500 Pounds for clothing each quarter of the year, to be distributed equally among
them, starting from this day: 3/2/2016; and a housing allowance of 300 Pounds, starting from
this day: 3/2/2016; and ordered him to comply.

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