In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, most Merciful
The High Court
Circuit of Greater Darfur States
(Criminal Circuit)
Before Messrs:
Yagoub Osman Bagira
Hassan Abdelkarim Osman
Hashim Ibrahim El-Tom

HC/CA/ 40/2018
Trial / Saddam Salah Eldin Mohamed

The Judgment
In accordance with the procedures of the non-summary trial No. 6/2017 and on 16/11/2017, the
Zalingei Child Court issued a judgment that exonerated the above-named Accused from the
charges, attributed to him under article 45 / C of the Child Act, 2010 read with articles 180 and
183 of the Criminal Act ,1991 and ordered his release and confiscation of five pounds; the
number of exhibits for the benefit of the Government of Sudan and the damage of the exhibits of
* That judgment was appealed before the Central Darfur Court of Appeal, which decided under
its judgment No. 79/2017 on 12/10/2017 to revoke the appealed judgment and return of papers to
the Trial Court to review its ruling and authorized them to hear additional evidence if necessary.
* The defendant filed a cassation appeal against the judgment the Court of Appeal. We
summarize the conclusion of its submitter that he is a policeman in the Department of
Investigation in the state of Central Darfur Zalingei and that the mother of the victim is working
as a midwife and has information that there are abortions taking place for women who are
pregnant illegitimately, and they were assigned to observe midwives in the state. The victim's
mother learned that the accused was following her and that the father of the victim had been
working for the police for a long time and knew he was following his wife. And that the victim's
statements were clearly dictated by her mother and that the father of the victim was angry
because of his knowledge of his wife's follow-up and that [the torn dress] presented by the
parents of the victim, the doctor heard by the court did not mention that there was torn clothing
or any traces of sexual violence. The applicant is asking where they have, brought the torn dress

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