Supreme National Court
Personal Status Circuit
DecisionNo.: 530/2015 issued by the Court of Cassation

Issued by the Supreme Court, 2nd Personal Status Circuit, on: 07-09-2015,
presided by Mr. / Al Bushra Osman Salih.
Mr. Abdul Hameed Mohammed Abdul Hameed


Judge at the Supreme Court

Abdul Aziz Al Rasheed


Judge at the Supreme Court
Documents included in Appeal No.: 73/#/2015 –Omdurman Court of Appeal and
documents included in case No.: 155/#/2013- Karari Court, registered under No.:
214/Cassation/2015, have been submitted.
Appellant: Hanan Abdullah Badawi
Respondent: Sabir Abdul Hafeez Ahmed
“Merits of the case”
This is an objection by way of cassation to the judgement issued by Omdurman
Court ofAppeal under No.: 272/2015 in the case No.: 155/2013, raised by Hanan
Abdullah Badawi against Abdul Hafeez Ahmed, requesting confirmation of
divorce (second revocable one), alimony for her Idda (waiting period),alimony for
children and housing fees. The judgment subject of appeal has decided to amend
to the amounts decided by the Trial Court.

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