The National Supreme Court
Criminal Circuit
Mr. / Hashim Omer Abdualla Mohammed


Mr. / Yahia Fadul Mohammed Fadul


Mr. / Mohammed Mustafa Hamad


Trial of Insaf Gad Allah & Others
No.: /#/#/ 24/2015

Aazhari Criminal Public Court, issued a judgment convicting the above mentioned accused
under article (77) of the Penal Code and sentenced them to three months imprisonment as of
The convicted persons did not accept the judgment and objected to it by submitting an appeal
before Khartoum Court of Appeal, and as per its decision under No: #/104/2014, the Court
decided to cancel the conviction and the sentence and released the accused immediately.
Mr. Al Sadiq Ahmed Mohammed Ismail has submitted a pleading, on behalf of the public right,
claiming review of the procedures adopted during the trial, stating the reasons for review and
consequently, requested the Court to interfere to cancel the decision issued by the Court of
Appeal, which had negated the decision issued by the Criminal Court.
The facts of the case is summed up in that, the accused were arrested on the New Year Eve, by
the Society Security Police, in an apartment that belongs to the first accused after the
accusation witnesses, who are the policemen, have climbed the walls of the apartment and
entered into the room, opened the door by force and found the accused inside and the sixth
accused sitting very close to one of them, where the circumstances indicate prostitution.
The review pleading considers the unsoundness of the decision issued by the Court of Appeal,
as it was proved that, there was a warrant of search, that the offence of public nuisance exists

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